Science Based Activity Centers (choose 6 different stations from the list below for your enrichment period):

-Students will identify habitats with ecosystems.
-Students will understand how living things adapt to their environments.
-Students will identify characteristics of biomes and their inhabitants.
-Students will understand scientific vocabulary.



-Students will understand that adaptations in physical structure or behavior may improve an organisms’ chance of survival.
-Students will identify characteristics of mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish.
-Students will use scientific vocabulary.



-Students will identify insects and their parts.
-Students will recognize important facts about insects.
-Students will use scientific vocabulary.




-Students will identify different forms of matter.
-Students will understand that matter can change form.
-Students will record their observations.




-Students will examine and identify different types of rocks and their properties.
-Students will compare physical attributes of rocks.
-Students will record their observations.




simple machinesSimple Machines
-Students will understand that tools and machines are used to apply force to move objects.
-Students will identify six types of simple machines.
-Students will observe simple machines and understand how they work.




solarsystemSolar System
-Students will identify planets and their characteristics.
-Students will know that planets orbit around the sun at different distances.
-Students will know that the observable shape of the moon changes from day to day in a cycle that lasts about a month.



watercycleWater Cycle
-Students will learn about the water cycle.
-Students will understand that the sun warms the land, air, and water.
-Students will recognize ice, liquid, and vapor a different forms of water.
-Students will use scientific vocabulary.




Or Focus on One Standard:


Habitats Fluttering Through First GradeStandard 5: Biodiversity and Change

GLE 0107.5.1: Investigate how plants and animals are grouped according to their habitats.

GLE 0107.5.2: Recognize that some organisms which formerly lived are no longer found on earth.


SolidsLiquids PictureStandard 9 – Matter

GLE 0107.9.1: Classify objects according to their physical properties.

GLE 0107.9.2: Distinguish between the properties of solids and liquids.

GLE 0107.9.3: Predict the changes that may occur when different materials are mixed.


magnetsStandard 12 – Forces in Nature

GLE 0107.12.1: Investigate materials that are attracted to magnets