Field Trip Testimonials

We just had our first field trip at Kids-N-Play yesterday. It was the best field trip I have had in 22 years of teaching. Everything was so organized and all of the activities were very engaging. The center activities were made to meet our current K standards. Thank you for making this trip so much fun!

Melanie Borske, Kindergarten Teacher, Cumberland Heights Elementary School

Thank you so much for providing our first grade students with an amazing opportunity to learn about the purpose for roots through a well thought out and planned STEM activity! Our students had an amazing time. Your organization, friendliness, and prompt replies are greatly appreciated. We will definitely be back in the future!
Sango Elementary First Grade Teachers

Stacy Rone, 1st Grade Teacher, Sango Elementary School

Wow! I am just speechless after a wonderful day at Kids N Play. Where do I begin?

Upon arrival at Kids N Play, I could tell that the staff was extremely organized. They emailed a schedule beforehand and all activities started/ended right on time. The staff was extremely friendly and eager to help in any way possible.

While planning the trip with Cheryl, we decided to go with our science standards that involve living vs. nonliving and the needs of living things. They took this and RAN with it. The stations for enrichment were so organized and every single station aligned with our standards. We even made mini greenhouses to celebrate Earth Day!

Yes, the kids got plenty of time to play on the floor. They were so excited. There was a train that they could take for a ride, slides, ladders, and MANY more fun items that I am failing to mention. The kids LOVED it.

It was also a relaxing trip for us teachers. The staff has it going on. The children are always in a contained area and the staff members in the front do not let any child leave the building without permission from their classroom teacher. As a teacher and a mother myself, I LOVED this part! I mean, who doesn’t love the fact that they care so much for the safety of our children?

I could not have hand-picked a better destination for a spring field trip.

So. Thrilled.


Haley McCaslin, Kindergarten Teacher, Montgomery Central Elementary School

Kids N Play’s owner worked really hard to align experiments up for our kids that matched our science standards and she did a wonderful job. Our kids were very engaged and loved every minute of it. I am so thankful they were able to experience these experiments that we wouldn’t of been able to afford otherwise at our school. Can’t wait to take my kids again next year! 

Bretlea Appleton, 5th Grade Teacher, Norman Smith Elementary School

“What a FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!!!I just wanted to help spread the word about the wonderful and educational experience that Kids-N-Play provided to my class on our Kindergarten Field Trip!  My class along with four other classes were greeted in such a welcoming way and we saw wonderful organization and set up, a detailed educational plan that was executed successfully, and great work from a sweet and knowledgeable staff from the moment we walked in the door. 

Any teacher looking for a new field trip idea for their students will not be disappointed in the least with Kids-N-Play!

Thanks for the great memories for my students!!”

Amber Rice, Kindergarten Teacher, Glenellen Elementary School

This by far was the best field trip I have been on in all my years of teaching. Our 1st graders had an engaging lesson that hit standards for our grade level, it was very organized, the staff were Phenomenal. Kids were allowed to be kids and we got to play with them. It was so stress free!

Amy Duncan, 1st Grade Teacher, Byrns Darden Elementary School

My first time here, and I must say that I am very Impressed by the enrichment activities. My students loved the standards based learning activities, and was talking about how much fun it was during our post discussion of our trip!

Plus, my class had had a blast in the play rooms, slides, and the train! Love the integration of fun learning and exercise.

The staff is very friendly, and knowledgeable. Seamless field trip . . . Thank you Kids-N-play!! I hope that we can visit you again in the coming years.

Anita Hicks, Kindergarten Teacher, West Creek Elementary School

“Liberty Elementary students took a field trip to Kids N Play. The students had so much fun and everything was very organized. The students enjoyed exploring magnets and making magnetic slime. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful time.”

~ Karen Jackson, 1st Grade Teacher, Liberty Elementary School

“My kindergarten class just went on a field trip to Kids and Play.  It was fantastic!!!!! We had four classrooms there for the day and there was not a boring or chaotic moment.  I was able to send our learning standards to the staff and they planned and facilitated two rooms of different learning stations.  The students loved them.  While the two classes were busy with the stations the other two were playing and then we flip flopped.  Each classroom also had their own lunch room, which was wonderful!!!  I highly recommend giving this field trip a try.  We were warmly welcomed the entire time.  Our visit was extremely organized, we just had to show up and have fun!  Thank you Kids and Play for giving us the best field trip we have ever been on!”

~ Justine Smith, Kindergarten Teacher, Glenellen Elementary School

I brought my third graders here for a field trip. The owner and staff organized stations to coincide with a STEM project. The students loved the stations and the free play time. It was a very well run field trip I plan to take again. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

~ Amanda Tarver, 3rd Grade Teacher, Norman Smith Elementary

We love coming to Kids n Play. They get to experience academics that go along with our state standards and they get to play. Another great thing is we do not have to worry about the weather. The kids love it. They staff is great and is very helpful. Teacher get to help with the stations and interact with the kids. It is great!!!!

~ Rachel Fitzgerald, 2nd Grade Teacher, Liberty Elementary

Kids-N-Play was truly an amazing learning field trip! My boys and girls said it best….Best field trip Ever!!!! It was so organized and clean…two qualities I can appreciate greatly in and out of the classroom. We hope to make this a yearly field trip! A million thanks to the wonderful staff and owner!

~ Darlys Garcia-Marty, Kindergarten Teacher, Oakland Elementary

I just wanted to thank the awesome staff at Kids-N-Play for an amazing field trip. It was a perfect balance of fun and learning for our first graders. We will definitely be back!

~ Michelle Gresham, 1st Grade Teacher, Hazelwood Elementary

Thank you for the memories made today! We had a wonderful time at our field trip today! The enrichment activities were exactly what we have been learning! The staff was wonderful and Mrs. Sentiff was phenomenal! She checked us quite often to see if there was anything that she could do. We had the itinerary which was very well planned out! She greeted us outside as soon as the buses rolled up. I can’t think of one certain thing that I would have changed about today! The kids absolutely LOVED it! Thank you Kids-N-Play!

~ Joana Howard, Kindergarten Teacher, Oakland Elementary

This was a great field trip. It was well organized and planned out for the students. The math station activities ran smooth and the students enjoyed the entire day at Kids-N-Play.

~ Lisa Price, Kindergarten teacher at Glenellen Elementary School

We had an excellent time on our field trip. I commented to one of the coordinators that this was such an excellently planned and organized trip. We will sure be back.

~ Terri Turner, 1st Grade teacher at Liberty Elementary School

What an amazing experience! Not only did my students greatly enjoy themselves while reinforcing their math skills, but the friendly, knowledgeable staff maintained order, professionalism, and assistance that is unmatched. I HIGHLY recommend Kids-N-Play to all educators for their field trips.

~ Alida Leto, Kindergarten teacher, Glenellen Elementary

Today the kindergarteners of Waverly Elementary went to Kids N Play and it was awesome. The staff was so helpful and accommodating! We will definitely come back next year!

~ Ashley Mashaw, Kindergarten Teacher, Waverly Elementary

What a wonderful job the Kids -N- Play staff did planning the GES kindergarten field trip this week!! AMAZING educational centers were set up for our kids that followed the teaching standards we requested. A well train staff assisted our students and a lot of learning and fun went on!!! I HIGHLY recommend Kids-N-Play for field trips or for weekend family fun!

~ Angela Figueroa, Kindergarten Teacher, Glenellen Elementary

Thank you for a wonderful field trip. It was so organized, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. It was the most care free I have ever felt during a field trip! Just when I thought it couldn’t be better, our kids each got a backpack and pencil. Thanks!

~ Amanda Spears,1st Grade Teacher,Oakland Elementary School

The field trip was awesome! I am a SPED teacher and my students were there with a kindergarten group. The staff went above and beyond to make my kiddos feel comfortable and have a meaningful learning experience while there. 

~ Billie Gibbs, SPED Teacher, West Creek Elementary School

The best field trip for students K-2, hands down!!! Students are learning through play the entire time.

~ Shanacia Thomasson, Kindergarten Teacher, West Creek Elementary School

What a joy it is to have a safe place to take students on a field trip! Creative play if something of which 6 and 7 year old children can’t enough. They enjoyed the learning experience and didn’t even realize they were meeting a state standard. Thanks for the great experience.

~ Javena Carroll, 1st Grade Teacher, Westside Elementary School

The staff at Kids-N-Play are always unbelievably helpful and make sure all our needs are taken care of. Our students always have interactive activities that are based on grade-level standards. The students have a blast and the teachers are able to observe and learn as well. They are open to sharing ideas and helping us with difficult standards. They are incredible!

~Samantha Featherstone, 3rd Grade Teacher, Norman Smith Elementary School