Kindergarten Science Centers:

Bugs & Insectsbugs

Develops skills in:
Understanding major structures of bugs and insects
Comparing similarities and differences of bugs and insects




Develops skills in:
Understanding characteristics of animals
Comparing similarities and differences of animals




Develops skills in:
Identifying major parts of plants
Using models to demonstrate understanding



sensesFive Senses

Develops skills in:
Identifying the five senses
Classifying objects according to the five senses
Understanding the role of the five senses




Develops skills in:
Identifying food groups
Categorizing foods
Recognizing healthy foods



life cyclesLife Cycles

Develops skills in:
Understanding life cycles of living things
Understanding changes in living things




Develops skills in:
Using tools for observation and investigation
Exploring magnetism
Comparing and contrasting properties of objects



weatherWeather & Seasons

Develops skills in:
Understanding changes in weather and seasons
Comparing and contrasting characteristics of weather and seasons