Special Needs Night This Coming Tuesday

special needs2

Our Next Scheduled Special Needs Night is: July 2nd from 4pm-8pm. 

Kids-N-Play recognizes that not all kids are alike and that families with a special needs child often find it difficult to enjoy a fun family night out.  While families with a special need child work to mainstream their child with the general population, parents often desire the chance to enjoy a night out with other families without having to deal with stares or families who are unable to truly understand the challenges their children face.

Kids-N-Play offers  ”Special Needs Night” on the first Tuesday of every month from 4pm-8pm.   Kids-N-Play closes at 2:00pm on Tuesdays and on the first Tuesday of each month, we will re-open our facility at 4:00pm exclusively for families with a special needs child and their siblings for a private night of fun.

Please help spread the word about our Special Needs Events!